Recovering a lost Domino server notes.ini quickly  

By Daniel Nashed | 5/26/22 1:39 AM | Infrastructure - Notes / Domino | Added by Roberto Boccadoro

On Linux by default the notes.ini is in the data directory. On Windows it is per default in the binary directory. You could move it to the data directory, which would make sense from backup point of view in many cases anyway. But what if you have it in the program directory and install a new major version where you get rid of all your binaries as a best practice?

XPages Jakarta EE 2.5.0 And The Looming Java-Version Wall  

By Jesse Gallagher | 5/26/22 1:32 AM | Development - Notes / Domino | Added by Roberto Boccadoro

Earlier today, I published version 2.5.0 of the XPages Jakarta EE Support project. It's mostly a consolidation and bug-fix release, but there are few interesting features and notes about the implementation. Plus, as teased in the post title up there, there's a looming problem for the project.

Putting Eclipse Transformer To Use In Dependency Wrangling  

By Jesse Gallagher | 5/24/22 3:28 PM | Development - Notes / Domino | Added by Oliver Busse

Setting code aside, the backbone of the XPages Jakarta EE Support project is its dependency pool. In it, I use my fork of the p2-maven-plugin to wrangle all the spec and implementation dependencies. Aside from just collecting them, this file does a ton of work to create and reconfigure their OSGi bundle rules to get everything working on Domino.

Has the Domino Passthru server been a big security hole all these years?  

By Jesper Kiær | 5/24/22 2:36 PM | Infrastructure - Notes / Domino | Added by Oliver Busse

The idea of a Domino as a passthru server is a bit like a Reverse Proxy. If you have 5 Domino servers on your internal network, and only one external IP address, it can be difficult to get access to more than one Domino server from the internet. To remedy this you can set up the one Domino server you can access from the internet to be a Passthru server.

Poking Around With JavaSapi  

By Jesse Gallagher | 5/20/22 3:17 AM | Development - Notes / Domino | Added by Oliver Busse

Earlier this morning, Serdar Basegmez and Karsten Lehmann had a chat on Twitter regarding the desire for OAuth on Domino and their recollections of a not-quite-shipped technology from a decade ago going by the name "JSAPI". Seeing this chat go by reminded me of some stuff I saw when I was researching the Domino HTTP Java entrypoint last year. Specifically, these guys, which have been sitting there since at least 9.0.1

My install guide “HCL Sametime 12.0 – Step by Step” is out  

By Ales Lichtenberg | 5/20/22 3:15 AM | Infrastructure - Sametime | Added by Oliver Busse

According to previous announcements, I createted first version a step by step installation guide for HCL Sametime 12.0. It is a guide for basic installation and configuration so that Sametime and Sametime Meetings can be tested easily and quickly.

SHA512 is faster then SHA256  

By Daniel Nashed | 5/13/22 6:12 AM | Infrastructure - Notes / Domino | Added by Roberto Boccadoro

Quite interesting results.. I have been looking into different hash algorithms to see the overhead today. It turns out that SHA256 is the slowest option and SHA1 is the winner. But it is interesting, that SHA384/SHA512 are also faster then SHA256

Faster Domino server restart   

By Daniel Nashed | 5/13/22 6:11 AM | Infrastructure - Notes / Domino | Added by Roberto Boccadoro

Domino waits for 10 seconds after shutdown before are restart for some legacy reason. There is a notes.ini variable to reduce the number of seconds. I tested with Domino 12.0.x that it can be reduced to 1 second.

Upcoming Sessions With OpenNTF and at Engage  

By Jesse Gallagher | 5/12/22 12:50 PM | Business - Events / People | Added by Oliver Busse

This month contains a few presentations and sessions of note for me, and I realized I should compile a list. While I won't personally be attending Engage this year, it's shaping up to be a good conference and OpenNTF and Jakarta EE will be well represented (in chronological order):

OpenNTF - May OpenNTF Webinar: Using The New Domino One-Touch Setup  

By OpenNTF | 5/12/22 12:49 PM | Business - Events / People | Added by Oliver Busse

Previous versions of HCL Domino required multiple steps to set up a Domino server. Now with Domino 12 you can use the new One Touch Domino Setup to set up a server in a single click. Roberto Boccadoro will demonstrate how to use this feature to set up a Domino server on Windows.

HCL SafeLinx 1.3 Installer issue on Windows  

By Rainer Brandl | 5/12/22 12:48 PM | Infrastructure - SafeLinx | Added by Oliver Busse

Today I had the issue that after an installation of HCL SafeLinx 1.3 on Windows I could not get a connection from the HCL SafeLinx Administrator to the HCL SL Access Manager. After opening a case I received the information that there has been an issue inside the installer which was fixed on May 12th.

More GANTT in XPages ...  

By Heiko Voigt | 5/10/22 1:23 PM | Development - Notes / Domino | Added by Oliver Busse

This is the 2nd part of my series of articles around Gantt Charts in XPages. Today, we want to write changes back to Domino, so if we move Blocks around, we want to send these changes back to Domino. To do this, we need to refactor our sample from the first article to some extend - especially the FETCH Call needs to be done differently. To streamline things, we will go back a couple of years and use an XMLHttpRequest instead of FETCH.

Error “Cannot convert Notes Rich Text message to MIME message” when answering meeting invitations   

By Rainer Brandl | 5/9/22 6:11 AM | Infrastructure - Notes / Domino | Added by Oliver Busse

I had the issue that after a migration of a Domino environment all users received error messages after answering meeting invitations. The customer prepared 2 Ubuntu LTS 20.04 server with Kernel version 5.x for the new Domino environment and we moved the data partitions to the new servers, installed 12.0.1FP1 and afterwards the troubles started.

XPages hack – visualizing checkboxes that fail validation  

By Patrick Kwinten | 5/6/22 12:31 PM | Development - Notes / Domino | Added by Oliver Busse

In an application I have added some CSS to highlight fields that fail validation. The css looks as followed: Basically I an looking for the aria-invalid=true attribute on input elements. Works great but not on all input elements. For example re-styling of checkboxes requires some work. But what if you would re-style the element that contains the checkbox?

Excellent support from HCL ( including XPages )  

By Sean Cull | 5/6/22 8:35 AM | Development - Notes / Domino | Added by Oliver Busse

A recent customer security audit raised two concerns with our Domino SaaS applications. A significant part of the reason that we use HCL Domino is that it is robust and secure. As a matter of principle we do not code security ourselves but use the standard functionality provided by HCL. So we reached out to HCL and had great support.

K8s Certificate Manager with Let’s Encrypt  

By Daniel Nashed | 5/5/22 4:41 AM | Infrastructure - Notes / Domino | Added by Roberto Boccadoro

Domino certificate manager works like a charm and is the best option for native Domino 12 certificate management. But in a K8s environment you might want to better have certificates deployed outside Domino in front of your Domino K8s service. Mostly you will use a so called Ingress controller, which offloads your TLS traffic. I took a look into last night. It turned out the issues I ran into only occurred because of a messed up k3s installation. After I re-created my server, I was ready to go in minutes.

In the meantime - Gantt in XPages  

By Heiko Voigt | 5/3/22 2:29 AM | Development - Notes / Domino | Added by Oliver Busse

It's been a while since my last XPages Post. While I was working with a couple of Admins on Firewall and CDN updates for a DoS Attack on one of our big web development customers, I had some time on my hand to play around with Frappe Gantt JS and XPages. This post is the first of a series on how to make interactive Gantt Charts available through XPages. First up - getting data out of Domino and surfacing them as Gantt Chart in an XPage.

Automatic Lock/unlock on opening files  

By Femke Goedhart | 5/1/22 2:59 AM | Infrastructure - Connections | Added by Roberto Boccadoro

HCL released a new version of the HCL Connections desktop plugins last month (March 23rd 2022) that included a new feature: auto locking. Now back in the day when we still had CCM, the automatic prompt to checkout a file or not on opening was a great thing and sorely missed on the normal personal and community files. There, you had to manually lock and unlock each file when opening and closing them if you wanted to prevent others from working on the files simultaneously. So suggestions were made and requests sent in by multiple people. And with the March 2022 release it was finally implemented. There is now the option to be prompted to lock a file on opening it.

HCL Connections 7.0 : how fix possible issue on side by side database migration with dbt.jar for Wikis,Files and Metrics db  

By Matteo Bisi | 4/28/22 4:57 PM | Infrastructure - Connections | Added by Oliver Busse

In this period I'm working on HCL Connections migrations from 6.0 to 7.0 and I'm using the side by side approach. While I'm during this job, I prefer to use the dbt.jar for database migrations because this could help me to identify and fix issue at db schema level. In this migrations I had some issue with Wikis, Files (the same for both db) and Metrics

HCL Sametime Premium and HCL Sametime 12.0 released   

By Ales Lichtenberg | 4/28/22 4:56 PM | Infrastructure - Sametime | Added by Oliver Busse

Sametime V12 Premium has just been released. Here is an overview with links to the necessary documents.

So Why Jakarta?  

By Jesse Gallagher | 4/28/22 4:56 PM | Development - Notes / Domino | Added by Oliver Busse

I've spent a lot of time over the last while tinkering with the XPages Jakarta EE Support project in particular and Jakarta technologies in general, and I figured it'd be worth discussing a bit why I like this stack and why I think it's worth putting work into. There are a couple facets to this, I think. Why is it good on its own? Why is it good as a complement or replacement for XPages? And why is it good compared to the other roads offered for Domino developers?

XPage View Bug in Domino 11.01 FP5 HF12  

By Sean Cull | 4/28/22 4:38 PM | Development - Notes / Domino | Added by Oliver Busse

We have been having a few issues with FP5 and I just wanted to share our latest one as it is quite interesting and may affect others. HCL support has been very helpful to date. We have more tickets open than we ever did with IBM but hopefully that is because the tickets are actually being taken seriously. HF12 is a Hot Fix that is meant to fix some of our issues with FP5