OpenCode4Connections Contest Winners 

By OpenNTF | 10/20/17 10:09 AM | App Dev - Open Source | Added by Oliver Busse

Earlier this week, at Social Connections, we announced the winners of the OpenCode4Connections IBM Connections Customizer contest. To support the contest there was a great amount of effort from Christian Guedemann, Martin Donnelly and others to set up the infrastructure and enablement materials to help ensure the contest was a success.

New ODA Release and Design API Updated 

By Paul Withers | 9/22/17 8:23 AM | App Dev - Open Source | Added by Oliver Busse

This week two new releases of ODA came out on OpenNTF and also published to OpenNTF’s artifactory repository, for those wanting to use ODA via Maven. They covered a host of new developments and some minor fixes from over the last few months since Domino FP8 was released.