Source Control disruption in DDE 

By Patrick Kwinten | 8/21/17 3:00 AM | App Dev - XPages | Added by Oliver Busse

In a project me and my colleague faced major complications working towards a GIT repository on TFS. In short: she did not see the changes I had made in her Domino Designer even though her GIT client had transferred everything correctly to the On Disk Project (ODP) on her local drive.

XPages unit converter widget 

By Csaba Kiss | 8/20/17 5:41 AM | App Dev - XPages | Added by John Oldenburger

XPages unit converter widget. In this tutorial, I show you how I took a nodejs project and convert it into an Xpage application. The key points of the video: converting nodejs (commonJS ) modules into JavaScript scripts for your Xpage application, importing lodash into the application, creating a dynamic combobox on page load, adding JavaScript listener using event delegation, Styling the application with Bootstrap

Dojox Charting Update - Part Two 

By Paul Withers | 8/10/17 1:21 PM | App Dev - XPages | Added by Oliver Busse

First of all, with the demo database, there are a couple of basic, standard changes. The first is that I’m using the XPages extension library, so that’s enabled in the Xsp Properties. That’s used for the Java code, to leverage the ExtLibUtil class to give easy access to standard XPages objects and virtually every Java XPages developer will be using ExtLibUtil.

Bundle Inspector – Diagnosing XPages Plugin Resolution problems 

By Cameron Gregor | 8/2/17 4:38 PM | App Dev - XPages | Added by Oliver Busse

A common task with XPages development is to installing some plugins that provide additional functionality. If you do any plugin development of your own, you end up doing this task a lot more as you create new plugins, install new versions etc. It is also common to encounter some problems after installing plugins to your Domino Server! Maybe your expected plugin doesn’t load up at all? maybe the wrong version is loading?