Configure Eclipse 4.6.x with HCL Notes 12.0.1 FP1  

By Karsten Lehmann | 11/18/22 4:07 PM | Development - Notes / Domino | Added by Oliver Busse

Once again I had to ask HCL development for setup instructions how to launch the HCL Notes Standard Client from an Eclipse IDE, this time for Notes 12.0.1 FP1. The instructions I had gotten earlier for Notes 10 have not changed much (I think there's one additional VM argument at the end of the list), but enough so that they did not work anymore.

New release of Open Eclipse Update Site to fix issues with Win/64 Notes Client 12.0.2  

By Karsten Lehmann | 11/18/22 5:13 AM | Development - Notes / Domino | Added by Roberto Boccadoro

As Jesse blogged there are some issues in the new Windows 64 Bit Notes Client 12.0.2 that break the "Import Local Update Site" functionality of the standard Update Site template of Domino. To fix this and other issues, I just uploaded a new release of the Open Eclipse Update Site on OpenNTF.

Domino JNA version 0.9.48: API to read/write Notes workspace, some formula magic and QueryResultsProcessor API  

By Karsten Lehmann | 6/1/22 1:18 AM | Development - Notes / Domino | Added by Roberto Boccadoro

Today we released version 0.9.48 of Domino JNA as OSGi plugin for XPages developers and on Maven Central. Here is a list of new features: API to read and write the Notes workspace (read, create and modify pages and icons, change page order, move replicas on top etc.) Formula execution now supports more than 64k of return data API to apply security to formula execution (e.g. prevent Notes.ini changes) API for QueryResultsProcessor (produces JSON and views) Java 8 date/time support for NotesNote.replaceItemValue(...) New utility class to format view data as markdown table Added method to get agent design doc UNID Added hierarchical recycling (parent/child auto recycle)

Ralf Petter’s blog about Notes, Eclipse and Expeditor back online  

By Karsten Lehmann | 12/21/21 2:37 AM | Business - Events / People | Added by Oliver Busse

Yesterday I noticed that Ralf Petter's blog "Everything about IT" is not online anymore. Ralf died years ago from cancer and his blog contains invaluable tips around Notes, Eclipse and Expeditor development. In June 2017 when I heard about his death, I downloaded all blog articles and kept them on my local disk. Now that the official blog is gone, I uploaded them to our server, added them to the Google index and made them available here

News Update from Mindoo Land: Domino JNA / JNX  

By Karsten Lehmann | 7/26/21 7:41 AM | Development - Notes / Domino | Added by Oliver Busse

In a pandemic (in particular with two young kids of 5 and 7 years), times flies by even faster than in regular times, so it's no surprise that this blog has not seen many updates for a very long time. Just wanted to let you know that we are still very busy, leveraging and improving the Domino AppDev platform.

Change OSGI_HTTP_DYNAMIC_BUNDLES in Notes.ini from LotusScript  

By Karsten Lehmann | 1/23/20 11:19 AM | Development - Notes / Domino | Added by John Oldenburger

Call this agent with Agent.RunOnServer to change the value of OSGI_HTTP_DYNAMIC_BUNDLES on a Domino server without using a server configuration document and a server reboot. OSSetEnvironmentVariableExt with isSoft=true lets the method only check an internal hard list for forbidden variables.

Mindoo TodoManager on OpenNTF  

By Karsten Lehmann | 12/16/19 1:05 AM | Development - Nomad / Mobile | Added by Roberto Boccadoro

I created a small sample application for the HCL Nomad Client on the iPad and iPhone. It's a TodoManager that uses the 4 Quadrant time management method to structure the Todos. The application is now available for free on OpenNTF: Mindoo TodoManager. In the desktop Notes Client, to dos can be moved between the quadrants and to the recycle bin via drag and drop ("1" - "4" and the recycle bin icon are drop targets).

Configure Eclipse 4.6.x with HCL Notes 10  

By Karsten Lehmann | 11/4/19 11:24 AM | Development - Notes / Domino | Added by John Oldenburger

For years, whenever I needed to configure an Eclipse IDE for IBM Notes plugin development, I used Mikkel Heisterberg's instructions on his blog. Since I currently have a customer requirement to update an existing plugin that we built for them years ago to a newer Java version (1.8), I tried to set up Eclipse 2019-09 with HCL Notes 10.0.1FP2, but failed.

New Domino JNA version available with LOTS of new features  

By Karsten Lehmann | 9/19/19 11:57 AM | Infrastructure - Notes / Domino | Added by John Oldenburger

New Domino JNA version available with LOTS of new features. It's been a long time since the last release of our Domino JNA project. Version 0.9.21 is now available for download as XPages Extensibility Plugin and on its way to Maven Central (takes a few hours to appear).

Advanced view lookup strategies with Domino JNA for small view index sizes and dynamic filtering and sorting  

By Karsten Lehmann | 3/12/19 6:35 PM | - | Added by Oliver Busse

This might be interesting for some of you, a pattern how I am using Domino JNA in a recent customer project to speed up view lookups and reduce overall view index size. I am using at least three views to produce the content for a data table in the web application

New Domino JNA version with support for Domino Query Language (DQL) in Domino V10  

By Karsten Lehmann | 10/11/18 6:57 PM | - | Added by Oliver Busse

Today I released version 0.9.20 of our Domino JNA project. This version contains the following new features: Added support for Domino Query Language (DQL) on Domino V10 Added basic support to read MIME items (NotesMIMEPart) via getItemValue Added NotesNote.attachFile with in-memory file generation Added NotesDatabase.isDesignHidden() Added utility class to read and write Out-out-office information Bugfixing

Display all allowed readers of documents in a view column  

By Karsten Lehmann | 3/6/18 10:46 AM | - | Added by Oliver Busse

By setting the programmatic column name and formula value of a view column to "$C1$", the column automatically displays the content of all reader items in the document. If there are any readers, the column also container the author item values, since these are also allowed to see read-restricted documents.

Major rewrite of Domino JNA for improved performance, now with incremental indexing of Domino data  

By Karsten Lehmann | 1/8/18 5:48 AM | - | Added by John Oldenburger

I spend a few days during the Christmas holidays and first week of January to work on our Domino JNA project. The result is version 0.9.11, which is now on its way to Maven Central and available for download as an OSGi plugin for XPages developers. Here are the three main features that I have been working on.

Life sign / Major update for Domino JNA on Github  

By Karsten Lehmann | 11/10/17 10:56 AM | - | Added by Oliver Busse

Wow - I haven't written a blog post in the last 9 months! It's just so much easier to write a Tweet than to produce long articles, when I split the week between three customers and my family with two children. Just wanted to let you know that we are alive and kicking and still doing very much Domino related work! :-)

New APIs for Domino JNA project, now available for XPages development  

By Karsten Lehmann | 1/16/17 2:48 AM | - | Added by John Oldenburger

It took some time (mainly because I was very busy and my main use case for the project is not XPages), but now the Domino JNA project is available for XPages development. That means that there is an XPages Extensibility API plugin available in the project's release section on Github that can be installed both in Domino Designer and on the Domino R9 server to use the API in your own applications.

Domino JNA - Cross-platform access to IBM Notes/Domino C API methods from Java  

By Karsten Lehmann | 4/8/16 6:40 PM | - | Added by Oliver Busse

I would like to introduce you to a pet project that I have been working on for the last months: Domino JNA - Cross-platform access to IBM Notes/Domino C API methods from Java

Updated on OpenNTF: Release 1.1 of Open Eclipse Update Site with Mac 64 Bit Client support and other cool stuff  

By Karsten Lehmann | 3/3/16 6:35 PM | - | Added by Oliver Busse

I have updated the OpenNTF project "Open Eclipse Update Site" with release version 1.1 and added the following useful features.

Notes 9.0.1 64 bit for Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan now available - warning our customers NOT to update for 30+ days!  

By Karsten Lehmann | 9/29/15 4:28 AM | Infrastructure - Notes / Domino | Added by Oliver Busse

One day before the general availability of Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan), IBM released an update for their IBM Notes Client 9.0.1 with 64 bit support.

New C API method NIFFindByKeyExtended2 in Domino 9.0 improves view lookups  

By Karsten Lehmann | 3/6/15 11:23 AM | Infrastructure - Notes / Domino | Added by Johnny Oldenburger

Once again I am digging into the Notes/Domino C API to implement fast and powerful view lookups. What caused it this time was a customer requirement for "Notes Client style keyboard navigation" in web views, meaning that you type a character, press enter and the cursor position should be moved to the relevant area of the view (e.g. where the content in the first sorted view column is greater or equal letter "L").

Now on OpenNTF: Open Eclipse Update Site - based on IBM’s template but with extended functionality  

By Karsten Lehmann | 12/9/13 12:25 AM | - | Added by Niklas Heidloff

I just created a new project on OpenNTF called "Open Eclipse Update Site". The Open Eclipse Update Site database is based on the OpenNTF project "Eclipse Update Site (updatesite.ntf)" from IBM with additional functionality.

Now on OpenNTF: Mindoo XPages2Eclipse  

By Karsten Lehmann | 11/28/13 2:02 PM | - | Added by Peter D Presnell

Find out how XPages2Eclipse simplifies the development of XPages-applications for the IBM Lotus Notes Client considerably. With the help of this extensive toolkit you will be able to develop applications, which exhaust the full potential of the local client.

New on OpenNTF: Plugin to close XPiNC applications from CSJS code / to detect Notes ID changes  

By Karsten Lehmann | 9/10/13 12:31 AM | - | Added by Niklas Heidloff

There is a new project on OpenNTF that I created a few days ago: Mindoo Xulrunner Prefs.js Management Plugin. It's nothing big, only a small Eclipse plugin that can be installed in the Notes Client to manage the preferences of the Xulrunner engine that renders XPages in the Notes Client (XPiNC).

New on OpenNTF: Geospatial indexing for IBM Notes/Domino data  

By Karsten Lehmann | 7/30/13 6:58 PM | - | Added by Cn=Bruce Elgort/O=Notesoss

Last weekend I created a new project on, which is part of a pretty big "pet project" that I have been working on for several month and that will hopefully be ready for primetime someday. My original plan was to submit this pet project for the last XPages development contest, either in addition to or instead of the Mindoo FTP Server, but the project got bigger and bigger over time - and an FTP server was finally easier to polish and explain than my other idea.

XSS security fix in Domino R9 HTTP server may break existing web applications  

By Karsten Lehmann | 6/4/13 1:29 AM | - | Added by Per Henrik Lausten

Last week we noticed that two of our web applications did not work as expected after upgrading our servers to Domino R9. We tracked down the issue and found the problem: In one REST API call, we have a query string parameter that contains a Domino fulltext query to filter the entries of a Notes view. Domino now reported that the query syntax was wrong. The same code had worked in 8.5.3. The reason is that the Domino R9 HTTP server contains a security fix to prevent applications from being vulnerable to cross site scripting attacks (XSS).

Entwicklercamp 2013 slides about "Dojo 1.8 and AMD" now available in English  

By Karsten Lehmann | 5/27/13 12:26 AM | - | Added by Niklas Heidloff

My slides about "Dojo 1.8 and AMD" are now available in English. I have updated my original blog article.

Download links for IBM Connect 2013 session slides  

By Karsten Lehmann | 2/4/13 12:46 AM | Business - Events / People | Added by Niklas Heidloff

As in previous years, I copied the download URLs of all the already available session slides from the website. Unfortunately, a lot of slides are still missing and some are only provided in black and white mode with 2-on-1 page.

Fast Notes view reading via Java API:New ViewNavigator cache methods in 8.5.3  

By Karsten Lehmann | 1/18/13 12:25 AM | - | Added by Niklas Heidloff

A posting about new API methods in 8.5.3 may look a bit weird, now that the Notes/Domino R9 beta is already out for one month. I wanted to blog about this topic for one year now, actually since last year's Lotusphere conference, where the new API methods got presented by IBM (in session "AD112 What's new in the IBM Lotus Domino Objects: Version 8.5.3 in Demos"), but could not find the time and have always expected that IBM dev would write a wiki article about it - which they haven't so far.

XPages series #15: Free FTP server on top of Domino’s OSGi framework  

By Karsten Lehmann | 11/4/12 6:15 PM | - | Added by Cn=Bruce Elgort/O=Notesoss

Last week we had a conference call with IBM. They provide free VMware images of several IBM products for business partners to be used for demo and development purpose, including IBM Connections 4, already set up for the well known Renovations company. Those images very pretty large, with several GB's of data and the fastest and easiest way to get our hands on the images was to set up an FTP server and have the IBM'ers upload the files.

Customer project: Dojo 1.8 based portal on top of XPages and Domino 8.5.3  

By Karsten Lehmann | 9/18/12 7:25 AM | - | Added by

The last months have been incredibly busy for us at Mindoo and I could not find much time for blogging. Tweeting about my findings on the web is just so much easier than to write a complete blog article.